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Future Oil and Grease Industry FZ LLC

Future Oil and Grease Industry FZ LLC

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State of the Art

In order to meet the booming demands of our products across the globe


Smoke Free

Every product from Future Oil is a step towards creating a healthy planet for our children.


Quality Control

Commitment to quality is the lifeblood for every employee serving at Future Oil.

Futrol 5 Liters, Diesel Engine Oil
May 11, 2015

Diesel Engine Oil 5 Liters

These high performance and high detergent lubricants are specially blended to meet the stringent requirements of high speed supercharged and turbo charged diesel engines.

Futrol 4 Liters, Motor Oil
June 7, 2013

Motor Oil 4 Liters

These are formulated from best quality base oil which incorporate a balanced additive package and designed for use in naturally aspirated 4-stroke gasoline engines. These are fortified with specially selected additives, which provide a high rate of detergent, resistance to oxidation, rust and anti-wear characteristics.

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