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Future Oil and Grease Industry FZ LLC

Future Oil and Grease Industry FZ LLC

Macht 4 Liters Motor Oil

Synthetic Oil

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Available Packing:
• 1 Liter
• 4 Liter
• 20 Liter
• 200 Liter

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Product Description

Fully synthetic motor engine oil specially designed for prolonged intervals between oil changes as well as reduce fuel consumption. These are formulated from best quality base oil which incorporate a balanced additive package and designed for use in naturally aspirated 4-stroke gasoline engines. These are fortified with specially selected additives, which provide a high rate of detergency, resistance to oxidation, rust and anti-wear characteristics.

Future Petrol Engine Oils are available in 5w30, 5w40, 10w30, 10w40 grades, however other grades are also offered when required by the valuable customers.
These have been specially designed for petrol engines operating under both colder and severe conditions.

Key Features

  • Extends efficient performance over a wide range of operating circumstances.
  • Excellent control of oxidation, corrosion, wears and oil consumption.
  • Extends longer drain interval.
  • Controls oil consumption.
  • Let’s engine start in colder conditions.


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